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3 Good Things: The Importance of Positivity

As we all begin to adapt to these challenging times, the importance of helping each other stay focused on positivity has never been greater. This is especially important for children as daily routines are rapidly changing and uncertainty seems to be taking over. Focusing on the small things that bring us joy and pleasure are important for our well being. So, as you face these uncertain times, help your child find certainty and comfort in thinking of 3 Good Things a day. You could share these around the dinner table as a family, make it part of your bedtime routine or get your children to write these down and make a scrapbook. Focusing on these small pleasures can help us keep perspective on the abundance of good that surrounds us.

So here are my 3 good things of the day:

1. Today was Mother's Day so I was greeted by beautiful flowers, a tidy kitchen and enjoyed a delicious breakfast with my family. A lovely start to the day.

2. The sun was shining and the skies were blue. I planted some beautiful spring flowers in my garden. It's so nice to be in the garden.

3. Saying hello to my unknown elderly neighbour (while keeping a safe 2+ metres away) to find out if I could do anything for him. We traded numbers and we will be checking in on him (from a safe distance). It's a good thing to help your neighbours.

What 3 good things can you think of from your day? We'd love for you to share them with us!

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