• Ann

Let's Get Colourful!

During this time of social isolation, it is important to keep encouraging young and old to stay positive and keep on creating. At the local Winchester primary school I used to work at, I organised a series of art days to inspire all pupils and encourage them to be more creative and imaginative. These days were a massive success due to the participation of local artist Rhian John who not only donated her time to work with all of the children, but also provided the pupils with templates of a variety of different animals associated with positive learning behaviours based on her own works. The children produced some amazing artwork and were thrilled to work with a professional artist.

Rhian has kindly made these animal templates available for free on her website, ready to download and fill with colourful paint, felt tips, pastels or any other medium you think of. So if you are looking for inspiration and a fun activity to do with your children, this is one I highly recommend! Click on the link below:


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