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Local Winchester Community Art Exhibition

In our Zoom Ahead E-learning classes we have been learning about Art in Nature. All of our pupils have created beautiful nature sculptures using natural materials or created sketches and paintings inspired by objects found in nature. Not only is art a great way for young and old to express their thoughts and emotions during this difficult time in lockdown, but it is also an opportunity for reflection on the beauty and richness of the natural world around us.

Local organisation Wilder Hyde has organised a neighbourhood art exhibit where everyone is encouraged to create a picture of nature and place it in their window for passersby to see. It's a great initiative showing how art, community and nature can come together to make something beautiful.

So get your pencils, paintbrushes and natural materials out and start creating! If you don't live in the Hyde and Abbots Barton area of Winchester, why not hang up your own artwork and create a mini-exhibition in your own local neighbourhood!

For more information, visit their website at:


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