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Pencil Grips: Why use a pencil grip?

A pencil grip is a small, ergonomic and usually plastic attachment that slides onto the end of a pencil to support your child with their finger placement. 

Before you use a pencil grip, try to encourage your child to use the correct pencil grip independently first. The most efficient pencil grip is a dynamic tripod grip in which the first three fingers move independently to the fourth and fifth finger allowing small coordinated movements. The correct pencil grip means that children can draw, colour and write without experiencing pain or discomfort in their hands, fingers or wrist. To develop this, work with your child from an early age on their fine motor skills. These types of activities support dexterity and the building of those important muscles around the hand and wrist that are important for holding a pencil.

If your child is still finding that they are struggling with the correct finger placement, try using a pencil grip to encourage this. We would recommend buying a mixed pack of grips, because like children, no pencil grips are the same or are used for the same problem. A mixed pack lets you explore each grip and find the correct grip for your child. Remember that pencil grips are not to be used forever, but as a temporary measure to encourage a better grip. 

If you have any questions or would like us to check your child’s grip, email us. 

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