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Proud of You: Learning, Growing, Achieving in Lockdown

After completing our first half term in lockdown, Hannah and I wanted to say how proud we are of all of the children who have taken part in classes at Flying Colours! Despite this challenging time, we have seen nothing but smiling faces and fantastic learning. Each and every day, the children are growing, learning and achieving. Here are a few special moments and pieces of work we would like to share with you.

Our KS1 groups have been creating nature sculptures, completing reasoning and problem solving tasks in maths and working on their literacy skills in a variety of different ways. Most recently, we have been reading a book about the friendship between a little boy and the moon and have thought about some of the amazing places in the world the moon can see that we might visit. We've been thinking carefully about our sentences and writing these down using our best handwriting, spelling and punctuation. Here are some lovely pieces of work that are worth a read!

Our KS2 pupils have also been doing a fine job of creating and learning. As we have learned about explorers in history, we have been thinking about what it means to be a significant person in history, as well as significant people in our own lives. Writing in role as Christopher Columbus, this year 3 pupil has shown a superb understanding this historical figure and even applied some of her literacy learning by including alliteration and personification!

We have also been working on formal and informal writing and ways we might use this in our everyday lives. We have written diary entries to reflect on our new 'normal' and how this has made us feel, as well as reflecting on the times in which we live by critically thinking about current events and how they impact our lives. Such amazing thought, care and maturity have been put into words. We are incredibly proud of them and think this formal letter to the Prime Minister demonstrates just how thoughtful and well spoken young people are today!

We've covered a great deal this half term. These are just a few of the many outstanding pieces of work we have had the privilege of being a part of. Thank you for all of your hard work. We are very proud of each and every child and we are really looking forward to continuing to learn, grow and achieve together!

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