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Serving the Winchester Community

Delivering outstanding teaching & learning

We help children become successful lifelong learners. Our online and face to face educational classes support and encourage young children to achieve their very best creatively and academically. We offer many fun and exciting opportunities to develop children's understanding of key areas of the English National Curriculum and work with the Early Years Foundation Stage to provide educational classes for you and your child.


We work to guide and support parents and children together. Classes are specifically targeted to the needs of your child and are conveniently held in accessible locations in Winchester.

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Creative, Fun, Exciting

What We Offer

For Children

Learning Groups

Art Clubs

Games (using numbers, letters, sounds and patterns)

Develop fine motor skills

Art projects linked to national curriculum topics and objectives  

Sculpting and constructing 3D models

Cut, stick, make and construct

Sort and sequence objects 

Threading beads

Develop understanding of colour, shape, line and composition

Paint, draw, print and collage

Phonics sound  hunts

And much, much more!

Painting, collaging, printing and drawing

Small world activities (developing understanding of the world around them)

What We Offer

Our Groups & Clubs


Parent & Child Groups

Age : 1+ years

Help your child get off to a flying start with a range of activities focused on fine motor control, creative learning and imaginative play.

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Zoom Ahead E-Learning

Age : 4-11 years & Parents

Fun and engaging online sessions focused on learning key skills in reading, writing & maths in line with National Curriculum standards. Personalised tutoring sessions available.

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Art Clubs

Age : 4-11 years

Our fun and creative art classes give children the opportunity to deepen learning, develop visual art skills and spark imagination.


Face to Face Tutoring 

Age : 4-11 years

We give your child that extra boost to succeed in our tailor-made individual and small group tutoring sessions.


What we Offer

Features & Benefits

Ready for Reading

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Curious & Confident Learner

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Familiar with Phonics

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Observant Learners

Nimble with Numbers

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Artistic & Creative

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Experienced Professionals

Our Teachers


Hannah Porteous Ward


I have always believed that fostering a love of learning is the most important building block that you can give a child. Having completed a degree in English and History, a PGCE and a MA in Education, my passion for learning led me to teach in an outstanding primary school in Winchester for many years. During this time, I have led many areas of the curriculum such as art, geography, history and RE. I have worked specifically with Key Stage 1, guiding the children through their SATs tests and Phonic Assessments and know that children are under ever increasing pressure during their education. My personalised teaching style ensures that children feel safe and confident while giving them opportunities to develop their understanding in each area.

I believe creativity and enjoyment are the key to sparking a love of learning in children and am excited to be offering a range of classes at Flying Colours that does just that! I am a primary school teacher with experience in KS1 and lower KS2 at an outstanding Winchester school and have particular experience in leading art in primary schools. I have a BA Hon. in Art History and German, a CELTA certificate and a PGCE in primary education with broad experience across different ages and in a variety of different countries. I firmly believe children are individuals with unique talents and strengths who should be celebrated and supported in developing to their full potential. I ensure children build their confidence and have the right opportunities to progress in their learning by providing a friendly and engaging learning environment. I have worked successfully with different children with a wide range of learning needs and look forward to working with you!


Ann Selman


Our Testimonials


Mother to child, aged 8

I have seen a real improvement in his maths since we started. He really enjoys learning, it's now his favourite time of the week.


Mother to child, aged 6 

I am so pleased with how much progress she has made over the last few months. She now feels  prepared for her lessons so she can keep up with the children in her class. 

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